Vultures Row: Yes, Another Clinton’s Blow UP Post, But With a Twist

Yes, Another Clinton’s Blow UP Post, But With a Twist

There is a lot of talk out there about how this meltdown of Big Bad Bill was all a staged event intended to light a fire under the left, to get the base fired up for the elections. I tend to dismiss this kind of conspiracy theory political over-thinking, just as I dismissed the “Bush lowered gas prices to gain in the polls” theory. That said, it is interesting timing that Clinton blows up on such an innocuous question. At a time so close to the election and when the media has been unrelentingly hammering home the story that Iraq is just a failure, never minding the good news out of Iraq.

Has political dogma become so important that what is good for the country is not as important as winning elections? The left, in order to win has signed on part and parcel to the need for America to be defeated by terrorists. Cut it anyway you like, If you are for the war or against it, if run now we will only embolden them

Look at the recent celebrations in Lebanon. Hezbollah had its ass handed to them in the conflict. They were not able to control one aspect of the battle except for random violence against civilian targets, but yet after they lost all territory that Israel wished to occupy, they held a victory rally. When you give any concession to terrorists, who are masters at propaganda and know how to play the western media better than Eddie Van Halen can a guitar, they will claim a victory, they will spin it and they will come out stronger and more importantly, they will rightfully believe that they can win.

Blind loyalty and complete allegiance to the leftist, non-religious, religious dogma and unquestioning conservative patriotism will be the ruin of this country.


America has always overcome adversity because we stood together against external threats. I no longer believe that is possible as our political nobility has such a complete lock on the system and the total contempt that the left has for the right.


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