Vultures Row: Mexico is Safer than the US

Mexico is Safer than the US

At least that is what president Fox thinks. He recently stated that there is violence on both sides for the border and that Murder rates are much higher in America than in his utopian paradise that is Mexico.

"I saw that crime rates in the United States increased 3.5 percent so far this year. So they have their own problems. And with numbers of homicides, it's better we don't speak about them, because, even though they show up on the front pages every day, there are many fewer here than there."

Um OK.

I’m not saying that the US is perfect, just last week a veteran Houston Police Officer was shot and killed by an illegal alien, a Mexican citizen who snuck into this country and who was pulled over for a traffic violation. A true hero, the police officer was killed because he stopped a man for an illegal turn. Yes we have crime here in America, murders on a horrible scale, but I’d still rather live here than under the corruption of the Mexican Government.


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