Vultures Row: Marine Sues Murtha

Marine Sues Murtha

In what has to be a first, an active duty marine is suing a sitting member of congress for defamation of character. Murtha made comments about the incident of the floor, reading in to congressional record that the questionable deaths of 24 civilians were indicative of the difficulties and overpowering stress that U.S. troops are facing.

This did not sit well with Staff Sergeant Frank D. Wuterich, who is a member of that unit.

“Attorneys for Frank D. Wuterich, 26, argue in court papers that Murtha tarnished the Marine's reputation by telling news organizations in May that the Marine unit cracked after a roadside bomb killed one of its members and that the troops "killed innocent civilians in cold blood." Murtha also said repeatedly that the incident was covered up.”

Wuterich and the other members of his squad have not been charged and have not received any official investigative documentation about the Nov. 19 incident., but yet Murth saw fit to try and convict them and make that conviction part of the official record of the congress of the United States.

I’m glad one Jar-head is fighting back against this ex-marine.


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