Vultures Row: Get a Damn Clue

Get a Damn Clue

Some people should be above the law, or so thinks alleged comedienne Sandra Bernhardt

In a "news report" the supposed funny woman said she will fight the new security measures

“Comedienne Sandra Bernhardt, close friend of Madonna, has threatened to fight new security measures at airports imposed after a terrorist attack on planes flying from the UK to the US was averted. From yesterday (10AUG06), passengers flying from and to America have been banned from taking non-essential hand luggage onboard jets. But Bernhardt, who is scheduled to fly out of New York's JFK Airport today (11AUG06) is determined to break the rule. She tells the New York Daily News, "When I go to the airport and they try to take my MAC Plushglass away from me, it's going to be World War III!"”

OK, we have to admit we had to look up what a MAC Plushglass was, turns ot it is some sort of 17 dollar lip gloss. Yes, LIPGLOSS. She is willing to “start WWIII” (actually it would be WW V, but who would expect this talentless hag to know history?) over a cosmetic, which frankly, will not help her look better anyway, we mean, have you actually seen this woman? Is this person so egotistical to think that she is not above the law? If she does not want to follow the laws that every one who flies on a commercial flight must obey, then she should take her and that high horse she is on and charter a private jet to take her back to her beloved New York City, a location which we would like to remind her is the prime target of terrorists.

Miss Bernhardt should be especially watchful of Islamic Fascists, due to the fact that she is the embodiment of everything they hate, Jewish, Outspoken Female and gay. Before she goes and gets herself arrested (Which we suspect that what will really happen, her “WW III” will be little more than her using sarcasm and degrading the little people that have to take her crap), she should think about if this battle over a couple of ounces of lip-gloss is really one she wants to fight.

It seems that this "actor" is a PAID spokesperson for MAC Plushglass. Ms. Bernhardt was just trying to get some free ad time for the product she pushes. The more serious question is not that it is right or not for MAC to let her spout off on national security issues but the question needs to be asked:

"What the HELL was MAC thinking when they elected to have this

(Photo removed due to complaints of illness it was causing)

be the example of what a beauty product can do four you?"


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