Vultures Row: Serious newswoman or spokes-model?

Serious newswoman or spokes-model?

Katie “Perky” Couric has announced that she will not be going over to Lebanon or Israel because it is too dangerous to be there.

“I think the situation there is so dangerous, and as a single parent with two children, that's something I won't be doing"

We wonder how she feels about all of the single parents in the military who are on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We wonder how she feels about all of the single parents who have to live in Israel and Lebanon.

As much as we hate to say it at least Dan Rather would have gone. Of course we would not be able to trust a single report, but he would have gone.

Tom Brokaw would have gone, as well as The Late Peter Jennings.
Brian Wilson is there as is Charlie Gibson, Martin Fletcher and NBC’s Ann Curry. We are not ones to support the MSM, but at least these reporters are doing their job, they are reporting, where as Miss Couric is proving she is not a serious journalist. She is nothing more than a teleprompter reading mouthpiece, little more than a daytime talk show hostess. With leadership and sharp career moves like this I’m sure we can expect that CBS News will not surrender its solid hold on the number three spot in the nightly news ratings.


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