Vultures Row: A Sign She Is Washed Up?

A Sign She Is Washed Up?

Is this a sign that the “Great-Grandmother of Pop Music”, you know the 400 year old Madonna, is washed up?


“MADONNA snapped at an audience member at her gig in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday (28MAY06) when she spotted he wasn't dancing. The singer took her Confessions tour to the gambling capital at the weekend after three dates in Los Angeles. Midway through the concert, she singled out a man in the front row, who wasn't getting into the groove and yelled, “If you are only going to sit there, at least you can smile,"

How arrogant is she? If her show is so dull to that one guy that she has to stop and comment on it? I mean what is an scary looking pop princess queen queen-mother to do when her act is so dull some one doesn’t want to dance? Madonna took the right action, instead of ignoring it or trying to improve her performance, she yelled at the guy.

Yup, she is so on top of her game.


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