Vultures Row: Fake Iraq War Vet Gets Busted

Fake Iraq War Vet Gets Busted

Hat tip to Protein Wisdom via Memento Moron.

A communist rag of a website started touting an interview with one Jesse McBeth, a purported former Army Ranger who is now a member of IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) in Tacoma, Washington. Jesse gives an account of the war in Iraq that seems as if it is a cross between Apocalypse Now, Rambo and John Kerry’s memory. However as a veteran, it seems to me that General McBeth is full of bovine fecal matter.

In the Communist rag,’s interview with Jessie the pussycat the First question establishes that he is in fact, a lair.

How did you end up in the military?

I grew up on the streets. I got into trouble for fighting. The same judge that I'd been dealing with my hole life told me that I wouldn't have to do adult time if I signed up for the military immediately. Sometimes I kinda wish I went to jail instead.”

“The Army addresses this issue in the Army Recruiting Regulation, Army Regulation 601-210, paragraph 4-8b: "Applicant who, as a condition for any civil conviction or adverse disposition or any other reason through a civil or criminal court, is ordered or subjected to a sentence that implies or imposes enlistment into the Armed Forces of the United States is not eligible for enlistment.."

Baby Jessie COULD NOT have joined the Army if he was referred by a Judge. So from the gate we have to at least accept the fact that he is lying.

As a veteran I can assure you that you take pride in your uniform even if you hate the job your doing, hell even us sailors square away our uniforms for photos! You would no more take a sloppy photo like that than you would take a prom photo with your jacket off. His alleged official photo shows several errors in military dress.
Blackfive has the photo.

How did you become a Special Forces Ranger?

Basic training was easy for me. Growing up on the streets, I was used to running from cops. I was used to not eating for days. I got picked to go to Ranger School.”

Ranger School is Voluntary only. You have to jump through numerous hoops just to get into the selection process. You HAVE to ask them, they DO NOT ask you to be a Ranger. You also have to go through Basic Training, then you go through your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) School, then You have to go through an Airborne Physical, then you can fill out DA Form 4187 and submit it to your chain of command. You must also poses an MOS that is need by the 75th Ranger Battalion. Candidates with Pre-ranger course training stand a better chance at selection. Pre-Ranger Course training selection states that any E-4 or below should not consider applying.

So Jessie got to bypass all of that just because he was used to not eating for days and running from cops?

That is thee strikes , Jesse, Your credibility is OUT.


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