Vultures Row: Crisis in the Grand Old Party

Crisis in the Grand Old Party

Recently there has been a lot of talk of people leaving the party due to dissatisfaction with the direction the leaders are heading. The party is changing. It is not the party that I grew up with. Conservative values were the core of the republicans and now that does not seem to be the case. The GOP now spends money like a drunken sailor in Olongapo on payday. It is creating more and more government agencies, they are not fighting for tax cuts, and they are not doing enough to secure the nation.

The GOP is pandering to the center, to “progressives” and counting on the right to just fall in lock step and vote for them anyway.

Candidates that run on a conservative platform like Lynn Swann are winning because they are striking a cord. They are saying the things we want to hear, they are keeping true with our vision and values.

But the issue at hand is that the majority of Republicans are not standing up to the left, they are not fighting, and they are not being loyal to the values that got them elected. What do we, as voters, do?

A lot of people are using a “protest” vote, which is voting for third party candidates. Here in Texas, the Governor is backing and about to sign a “tax break” that will increase business taxes that said business will have to raise the cost of products and services to cover. Voters are not happy with the tax Ponzi scheme so they are going to vote for Kinky Friedman, a candidate who at best can be called a joke, his campaign slogan is “Vote for me for Governor, I need the closet space”. One voter said that it is better to vote for the jokester than the joke. This is where the where the GOP is at, a growing number of conservatives are considering it a joke because they have abandoned the conservative principles.

Voting for third party candidates only serves to divide the vote, and enabling the other party to win. Because of the dissatisfaction in spineless tax and spend, big government REPUBLICANS, voters are going to throw their votes away and allow tax and spend, big government liberals to win the elections and direct the course of government. If anyone needs proof of this one only has to look to the election of William Jefferson Clinton. Had there not been a schism in the Republican Party, George H.W. Bush would have won reelection.

Whose fault is it that the current leadership is spending away our future? It is of course the conservatives of the nation. Conservatives need to get out and vote at the Primary level. We need to evict the republicans who pander and have proven no loyalty to core conservative principles. We need to elect people who not only espouse those principles, but live them and will fight for them. Until then all we can expect is mouth pieces who talk the talk then raise out taxes.


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