Vultures Row: 130 Dead in Somalia Fighting

130 Dead in Somalia Fighting

At least 280 mainly civilians injured in clashes

MOGADISHU, Somalia (CNN) -- Bloody battles between transitional government
forces and Islamic fighters has killed at least 130 people in Somalia's capital,
mostly civilian bystanders, and wounded 280 others, hospital officials
The Sii-Sii neighborhood, a residential area of northern Mogadishu, was
pounded by heavy artillery and mortar fire early Friday.
The transitional
government forces are made of aligned warlords, while the Muslim fighters are a
coalition of radical Islamic leaders, known as the Islamic Court Union.
Thursday, Islamic troops battled with the government forces for control of a
strategic road in Mogadishu, The Associated Press reported.
Thousands of
families have begun to flee the capital, AP said.
Many residents described
the fighting as the worst they have seen in more than a decade of lawlessness,
the news agency reported.

This is just a crying shame. Some one should send in some of those vaunted Blue Helmet troops to end the fighting and make both sides get along. Maybe even send in some under-equipped special forces troopers to get the leadership if the bad guys to break their will to fight and allow humanitarian food to be distributed…


Déjà vu dude…


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