Vultures Row: This is Bush’s Fault Too!

This is Bush’s Fault Too!

Katie “Perky” Couric is now denied to millions of people in the morning who are still home and not either on their way to work or already there, and it is George H.W. Bush’s fault.  

If Bush had not have Karl Rove set up Dan Rather with those fake but accurate documents about Bush’s service record, Dan Rather, The paragon of reliability in network news, would not have had to resign.  It was a dirty trick that smelled of the repugnant vile politics that the conservatives play.  It is only logical to conclude that this was done so the Bushies could put Ken Lay in as the anchor of CBS.  That would give them mind control over the unwashed useful idiots of fly-over country.

Their plan has been foiled, but at a huge cost.  If BushCO. Had not committed career assassination of poor, Mr. Rather.  Perky would not be forced to leave her job at NBC.  But alas she has to leave, and take a pay cut to boot, all because the American public needs to have some one tell them what is safe to think, some one that can be trusted!    


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