Vultures Row: In Case You Missed It...

In Case You Missed It...

The democrat strategy for the next couple of election cycles is not what they can do for you, the little man, but it is

The culture of corruption!!!

Meaning that they will level any and all chargers against any conservative that they can, AND repeat every chance they get wither said chargers are true or not. Why?

“A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth."
~ Joseph Goebbels*

It doesn’t matter that democrats took money from Abramoff’s company, they

"...Not one dime of Jack Abramoff's money ever went to any Democrat.”
~ Howard Dean on The Today Show¬ January 26, 2006

The Democratic party received $1,123,333 this amount makes Dean’s claim technically correct, a million plus is NOT one dime, which is ten cents, not ONE MILLION ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE DOLLARS. One has to wonder if the Deamoncratic party really thinks the American public is going to give them a by on this and totally excuse them from the scandal. Dean is shouting to the fence posts that this is a REPUBLICAN scandal, not a bi-partisan one. Yeah, keep saying that Dean, it just shows how intellectually dishonest you are.

It seems that Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine didn’t get

The culture of corruption!!!

memo, It seems that he was promoting a 1972 Robert Redford movie with his A BETTER WAY theme. Tim missed the boat on pounding the message that the evil conservatives are corrupt. Didn’t some one tell him the left has no plan, and that nothing CAN NOT be better than something?

We recommend that you lean back, crack open a cold beer and enjoy the implosion of the left, its good entertainment.

*also attributed to many, many other people, therefore the quote the perfect example of its own point.


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