Vultures Row: Why the Left is Loosing

Why the Left is Loosing

We like the way things are going.  Every time the Dems take a stand on an issue, Conservatives numbers go up.

The American Public is tired of the doom and gloom of the left.  Every time they adopt and issue, the more the American Public embraces the opposite of that issue.  The latest example is the issue of Alito.  

Teddy Kennedy came out swinging at Alito because he was a member of a club that wrote some OPINION articles in a news letter that an estimated thee people read some thirty years ago.  Kennedy tried to demonize him over this, it backfired because Teddy Boy is still a member of an organization that was kicked off Harvard because it violated Federal anti-discrimination laws Kennedy himself helped to be come law.  Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment on Judge Alito*.  

“Support for Alito's confirmation grew after widely televised confirmation hearings, the poll found. Before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, held January 11-13, 49 percent of respondents backed his nomination. In the poll released Monday, 54 percent expressed support.”  CNN: Poll: Alito should sit on high court

The Left wonders why Air America’s numbers are too low to be counted, why the Right has a majority in the House and Senate and why they can’t get a candidate into the Whitehouse.  They are trying hard, but they keep missing.  Now they claim that the nation is in danger because “One political Party controls all three branches of Government (White House, The Senate, and the House” as Nancy Pelosi stated.  The reason is the Left has a message and an agenda that resonates with the uber-vocal, ultra minority.  A small few of very loud fringe supporters are driving the party, driving it right over the edge.  The left is pandering to the hate filled periphery of left and in doing so, they are forcing the middle, the majority of Americans to the right.

All we can say is thank you.  Keep playing to your extreme base and helping our causes.

Could you please start talking about Border Security and illegal immigration?  

*Shamelessly borrowed from James Taranto and the Wall Street Journal Best of the Web Today


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