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Tom DeLay for President

Tom DeLay for President!!!

We owe a debt of thanks to Ronnie Earle.  We knew Tom DeLay’s character here in Houston, but because of Earle’s shenanigans the entire nation now has a chance to see what kind of republican DeLay is.  

Tom DeLay is the kind of republican who will stand up to the liberals.  He is not rolling over to save face nor is he running in shame.  He is fighting the bogus charges and doing so with a smile.  Unlike other’s hit with even a hint of trumped up BS charges, Tom is standing up and fighting.  He is not rolling over. Instead of trying to seek continuance after continuance DeLay and his legal team are asking for a trial as soon as possible.  

DeLay is hated by the left for a few things but the biggest is the redistricting plan he supported in Texas.

From the “un-biased” SF Gate:

“His challenger next year is expected to be former Rep. Nick Lampson, who lost his seat in 2004 after he was forced to run in a new district under a redistricting plan pushed by DeLay.”

That is the heart of the DeLay indictment.  He supported a plan the Texas Senate Republicans pushed through the Texas Legislature to redistrict the state.  This resulted in several district maps being re-drawn.  Several Democrats lost their seats because of it and the power in Washington shifted in favor the right.  One of the people who lost his seat was Chris Bell. A whinny candy-assed spoiled brat, who filed ethics charges against Delay in retaliation.  When the House Ethics committee could not find anything to convict DeLay of Ronnie Earl went jury shopping.  It took him several times but he finaly found one that worked.  One in which the foreman had made up his mind about DeLay before he even set foot in the court house.  On KLBJ Radio on October 5, 2005 William Gibson was live on the air and stated as much:

“Grand Jury Foreman William Gibson: All this all came out way before I was on the grand jury, these mailers were in your paper, in Austin paper, everyone else's paper, they flooding the market around here. But those were way before I ever went on the the grand jury and my decision was based on upon those (the TAB ads,) not what might have happened in the grand jury room...” Transcript  (and auido link) provided by GOPBloggers.

And now we find out that Nick Lampson, a democrat that was also ousted because of the Texas Senate Republicans redistricting plan, is running for DeLay’s seat.  He is raising money for use in his fight for the District 22 seat .  His "Lampson Victory 2006" will be making stops in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Boston, every where but in Sugar Land, Texas (where the district is) with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.).  

Isn’t this whole brouhaha supposed to be about fundraising?  Lampson is seeking money to run against DeLay from everywhere but in the district whose interests he is seeking to represent.  Is that illegal?  No, and neither were the fundraising activities of the PAC that DeLAy supported.

The original indictment against DeLay was based on a conspiracy provision that the Legislature added to the law in 2003. The indictment alleges that the illegal acts date to 2002.  In other words he is being charged with breaking a law that was not a law at the time is was alleged he broke it.

A second indictment was rapidly throw into the fray to make up for the grievous error on Earl’s part.  DeLay is now being charged with conspiracy and money laundering.

"I have not seen a criminal conspiracy case in Texas for a long, long time," said Austin-based defense attorney Ray Bass, who is not involved in the DeLay case. "In the last 20 years, I can't even think of one." AP Story

Texas law states that money laundering occurs when money obtained through illegal means is passed through a front. The money was not raised through illegally, but through legal political contributions.  

But Wait There’s More!
In 2004 Democrats transferred a total of $1,885,634 from the DNC to Texas Democrats.  

So Earle is claiming that it is illegal to accept money, transfer it to a national political party and receive a donation from said party in kind.  Well the Democrats did the exact same thing. An Institute on Money in State Politics study reveals that on Oct. 31, 2002, the Texas Democratic Party did exactly that when it sent $75,000 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and received $75,000 back from the DNC the same day.

Irregardless of the details of the bogus case, Tom DeLay is standing  up and fighting. He is not trying to placate the left; he is not using the Rodney King School of Political Thought, that has so often back fired for the right.  Tom is fighting back. He has the force of character to do so.  This is why the democrats hate him: He is effective.  They think that if Lampson can take his seat he will have his power.  This is not true.  If they could win District 22 they would have the seat, not the power that DeLay has.  Tom DeLay’s power comes from his character.  Something the left doesn’t understand.

Tom DeLay would make a great president because he would stand up to the left, if her ever decides to run for the oval office, we will fully support him and are happy to be the first to offer him an official endorsement.


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