Vultures Row: Darfur, Make a Call

Darfur, Make a Call

CNN is running a story about terrorist in Darfur.  We have stayed away from the Darfur debacle mostly out of a sense of frustration.  The left demands something be done, but offer no solutions.  We are also frustrated with the right by treating Darfur as an SEP device.  

While all the bickering goes on the few who get off their bottoms and go to help get attacked:

Darfur aid workers 'kidnapped'

Tuesday, October 25, 2005; Posted: 9:08 a.m. EDT (13:08 GMT)
NYALA, Sudan (Reuters) -- Refugees took 34 aid workers hostage in Darfur's largest refugee camp on Tuesday, demanding the release of one of their leaders arrested by police, U.N. officials and sources in the aid community said.

"We are aware that some NGO (non-governmental organization) workers have been taken hostage within Kalma camp," U.N. spokesman George Somerwill said.

A source said negotiations were in progress on the release of the refugees' tribal leader in the hope that this would secure the release of the hostages.

Somerwill could not give further information but one source in the aid community said on Sunday that police trucks had been seen going into Kalma camp, which houses almost 90,000 Darfuris and is a hot bed of unrest.

The police had arrested a sheikh from the camp and Tuesday's hostage taking was in reaction to that.

The aid workers involved were from the Sudanese Red Crescent, the governmental water and sanitation agency, and the U.S. CHF aid agency, an aid community source said.

The UN has not sent any significant aid, any significant solutions to the problem.  They send in enough food and aid to become a magnet for desperate people and then the UN acts surprised when they get attacked.  If they are going to send valuable items like food to a region where there is no food, no crops and a lot of people with guns trying to control the population, you kind of need to guard those items.  

We need to send in troops, armed men to establish safe zones, where trucks full of armed men can not come into the relief camps and take the food and the relief workers.  Why could not the French, The Germans, the Russians, the Spanish send troops to help establish at least a safe haven around a refuge camp?

The Left cries for help for Darfur , the only way to do it effectively would be to  send in armed troops and fight the bad guys.  There would be blood, there would be a long fight lasting years, but it would be worth it to free the people from the oppression of war. It would allow them to build a future.  Letting the bad guys run around with their firearms will only allow the status quo to continue.  The Janjaweed, a government-supported militia recruited from local Arab tribes is using starvation as a weapon against the non-Arabs and Christians.  

If you REALLY want to do something to help, don’t just sign internet petitions in support of the people of Darfur, don’t just send money for aid to Darfur.  YOU MUST CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN and tell them to call on the UN to send forces, to get the international community involved.  


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