Vultures Row: When is Stealing O.K.?

When is Stealing O.K.?

I recently received this comment on a prior post:

I can understand the looting. If you were abondoned, or at least felt abondoned in all that destruction you'd do the same. At least steal some food and water. I don't understand stealing a Plasma 52-inch TV.

I responded:

You do not know me. It is awfully presumptuous of you to state that I would be become looter too. If I found myself in a similar situation, I would not steal for the following reasons:

1. Stealing is wrong and against my principles, values, ethics, morals and beliefs
2. I would not abandon my principles at the door in the face of adversity, in fact, I would draw upon them
3. I would not set a poor example for my children
4. I would have left the path of the storm
5. I grew up in Houston, we have hurricanes and tornadoes. I have enough non-perishable foods and water for seven days for every member of my family on hand
6. In the even that I did run out of food for them I would not steal, I would purchase the items I need. I would pay cash or write a check

I would abandon my values because the situation around me changes. It is the mentality that stealing is ok is what is allowing the worst in some people to come out and shine. Stealing is never ok, when you allow yourself to belief that you are exercising moral relativism and have compromised your principles.

I do not see the difference between stealing a television and stealing food. It is stealing. The only difference is the point you are willing to let go of your values, morals and principles. I say I’d never sell out. I would BUY the food, I would WORK for it or barter something I have for it, but I would not just take something. I’d not let my kids starve, I would do what I had to do to make sure they are fed, but to me doing what I have to is not stealing. Doing what I have to is earning it or paying for it.

I repeat I refuse to check my values at the door in the face of adversity.


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