Vultures Row: America to the Rescue

America to the Rescue

I read on a blog today how some people are reacting to the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina is why he has such a such a low opinion of the human race.

I can under stand that there are going to be looters. Some people are stealing to feed their families. Some are just trying to get something for nothing. Looting is wrong, those doing it should be stopped, however the police do not have he resources to handle it.

I don’t think we as a people are as bad as the news portrays us. “If it bleeds, it leads” has long been the editor’s mantra in media outlets all across the globe. We rarely see good news stories.

Not everyone in the world is bad.

US Navy to send four ships carrying water and other supplies to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. The four Navy amphibious ships were to leave Norfolk, Va., over the next few days for deployment on the Gulf Coast. The Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida will be a base for the relief effort.

American Red Cross has opened 200 shelters in six states and has about 2,000 volunteers in the hurricane area or on their way.

The Coast Guard received hundreds of calls for help and has assisted in the rescue of more than 1,200 people, the Coast Guard had received reports that seven mobile offshore oil drilling rigs were adrift, and was working with companies on recovery and salvage plans. The Coast Guard was conducting search-and-rescue missions and damage assessments by air and water, and was flying supplies to affected areas. In addition, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff - whose agency oversees the Coast Guard - has authorized the call-up of 550 Coast Guard reservists to help in recovery operations

Texas Energy Companies TXU, Reliant Energy, Entergy are going to send more than 200 trucks and work crews to disaster zone to aid in restoring power.

Sam’s Club donates $1,000,000 as well as food to Salvation Army for Katrina relief efforts.
Michigan’s DTE Energy has sent about 400 workers and 75 vehicles to Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi to help restore power knocked out by Hurricane Katrina.

Houston opens Astrodome to 25,000 refugees.

Texas Children’s Hospital Opens its doors to New Orleans Hospital Patients

Battle Creek-based Kellogg Co., the nation's largest cereal maker, said it will provide more than $500,000 in cash and product donations to assist America's Second Harvest with hurricane relief efforts. Seven truckloads of Kellogg products such as crackers and cookies were en route Wednesday, with more planned.

In Response to Relief Agency Requests, Anheuser-Busch Ships 12,500 Cases of Canned Drinking Water to Support Relief Efforts

Sparta, MI-based Old Orchard Brands LLC has teamed up with Feed The Children, a nonprofit relief organization, to provide relief for victims by donating three tractor trailer loads of juice, worth $65,000. Feed The Children will oversee the distribution of the nearly 25,000 half-gallon bottles of juice and juice cocktail products.

The blogger concludes his post: "My life is usually easier when I remember to realize that most -- not all, but most -- humans are selfish, petty, stupid, and only care about one thing: Themselves."

Americans will step up and help out those in the Gulf Coast, just as we do the world over.
Why? The answer is because as a nation, we are made up of good people. There are many more good, decent people with open hearts than there are thugs and punks. We see more of that because the media thrives on bad news.

I wish to thank all my fellow shipmates and everyone else involved the relief efforts for the kindness they are showing. America will take care of her own.


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