Vultures Row: Mayor Nagin’s Vegas Bound Policemen Vow to Clear City

Mayor Nagin’s Vegas Bound Policemen Vow to Clear City

Now that the levees are patched and the water is slowly being pumped out, the Police superintendent of the area that was formerly a city called New Orleans is vowing to get all the people out to safety.

One problem; all the people who wanted to leave have left. The folks that are there want to stay. We do not agree with anyone staying in New Orleans right now, as the health issues are too volatile to remain there for long with out proper shots, protective clothing and supplies. The largely ineffectual fire department (due to zero water pressure in the city) is having a terrible time fighting the < as we suspect, arson fires that are breaking out all over the city. Right now, New Orleans is not the place to live. Once the rebuilding begins, we whole heartedly agree people should move back, in droves. New Orleans will be a city of opportunity for smart people as there will be unprecedented construction boom.

For now however, people are refusing to leave and the city, through its elected and appointed officials has declared that they will make them leave. One reporter on Fox News Radio’s Top of the hour broadcast was questioning if the military will be pulling their guns to force them to leave. This is a dumb question as you should never bring a weapon to bear unless you are prepared to use it. Using a firearm to bluff is a loosing situation no matter how one looks at it. If the person being threatened with it believes that the wielder will not fire, and the guard is not likely to fire on civilians, he will still be defiant. In the tragic event that someone does open fire, the person shooting would be properly court marshaled, the guard would be slammed hard for using the force that the mayor and police chief said is necessary, a persons, or peoples lives would be ended.

It is our opinion that the use of deadly force should only be used in New Orleans when life is being threatened. The people who refuse to leave should be allowed to stay, at their own risk. Those who will accept the ride out, should be given it, but no one should be threatened with deadly force for refusing to leave. Why make an incredibly bad situation worse?


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