Vultures Row: Pat Robertson Makes Moronic Comments

Pat Robertson Makes Moronic Comments

Ok, I am a Christian. I make no apologies about that. I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I do not however, believe that every “Christian” speaks for me. As much as I loathe Cindy Sheehan’s actions I also abhor the most recent statement from Pat Robertson. A once respected pastor, he has sunk to the level of Al Zaquari, his statements have will only make him look like the mad mullahs calling for the head of George Bush. Robertson should be made aware that his comments are juvenile, and not helpful to any cause of removing Chavez from power. No one should be made a target of assassination due to his political beliefs, no matter how wrong they are.

It is a horrible idea for several reasons;

1. It gives fodder to the anti-Christians
2. It would only make Chavez a martyr for his cause
3. Any one who adopts that tactic should expect their own leaders to be targets (more so than they already are)
4. It erodes claims to morality authority from our leadership.

That said, going after the leader of a country you are at war with is different. He is the head of the armed forces and therefore a litigate target. Be it a shadow war like our attacks on Qadaffy in the 80's or a shootin' war like Iraq, that is a valid action and justified. But to go after the leader of a nation we are not at war with would only invite a war. If Butcrackastan tried to kill our president, wouldn't we declare war on them?

Comments like Robertson’s can not be taking seriously. Political assassination carried out by the United States would only cause more harm than any good that would come from the.


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