Vultures Row: Democrats are Afraid of Up or Down Votes

Democrats are Afraid of Up or Down Votes

It was a dark and stormy night in the nation’s capitol. The driving rain beat with a rhythm on the windows of the white house. Just days ago the noble protectors of democracy, the Congressional Democrats left the city to seek out some much need rest and to prepare to fight the evil that has swept into town 5 years ago. Little did they know the President would, once again, act in a devious method. He would do something so dastardly so heinous that he could only do it when the noble democrats had left town. The President would use a recess appointment for John Bolton.

Ted Kennedy* has already come out and started crying about it. Kennedy has said

"It's a devious maneuver that evades the constitutional requirement of Senate consent and only further darkens the cloud over Mr. Bolton's credibility at the U.N," Kennedy said."

Mr. Kennedy, was it devious when your brother, President John F. Kennedy, recess appointed Thurgood Marshall to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in October 1961, getting around opposition from Southern DEMOCRAT senators?

As I recall, Justice Marshall is considered to be one of the best justices to have ever served. Were you, Teddy Boy, calling that a devious act?

* Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

All the President is asking for is an Up or Down vote on his nominations. Why have they not gotten this Up or Down (YES or NO) vote? It is because the democrats will not allow any to happen. The nominee has to go through a committee and then be sent to the floor for the vote. The democrats are holding the nominations in the committees, thus denying the votes. The reason they are doing this is because the

Democrats are afraid to allow a vote

they know that the can not defeat a candidate through voting because they do not hold enough seats. The Democrats will not allow any vote that they can not guarantee that they will get their desired out come. And thus brings us to this little gem from perhaps the most delusional member of congress:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Bolton was a "seriously flawed and weakened candidate." He charged that Bush "chose to stonewall the Senate" by using a recess appointment.

Pot calling Kettle, com in kettle, over.

Mr. Reid how dare you stand there and make the comment that the President of the United States of America is stonewalling the Senate, after you have done nothing but STONEWALL his nomination for this very position. It maks you, Mr. Reid nothing more than a hypocrite and seem like a child throwing a playground tantrum. The people of Nevada should be ashamed of themselves for not taking the time to find someone better to replace Mr. Reid. I understand there is quite a homeless population in Las Vegas. I’m sure anyone of them could take the position and have more personal credibility, honor and integrity than Harry Reid.

In a surprising move, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan welcomed Bolton's appointment.

” We look forward to working with him as I do with the other 190 ambassadors, and we will welcome him at a time when we are in the midst of major reform,"

He also said the manner of Bolton's appointment was Bush's prerogative. I am impressed. For once I agree with Annan. This is one of the few examples where he has shown true diplomatic skills.

President Bush did the right thing by using the recess appointment. Bolton for good or bad will have time to show if he is right for the job, and in the end he will get his Up or Down vote. The senate will have to vote yes or no at the end of this congressional term.

Recess appointments have a long history and have been used throughout the history of the Presidency. George Washington made the first appointment. President Clinton made 140 recess appointments, and as previously mentioned President Kennedy appointed one of the icons of American Justice by using the recess appointment. Was it devious in any of those cases? No, and it is not devious, immoral, underhanded, sneaky or evil now.


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