Vultures Row: No One Should be Above the Law

No One Should be Above the Law

But that is not the case here in America anymore. I’m not talking about OJ getting off, he had his day in court and he bought the best defense his money could buy.

I’m talking about our elected officials in Washington. Yesterday Senator Harry Reid cited information in a confidential report while on the floor of the Senate. The information, while not earth shattering nor would that information place the lives of anyone in danger, was classified as confidential and yet he felt it was ok to speak it on the floor for partisan political attack. Had this been anyone in the military they would have already lost their security clearance and would be facing some sort of charges.

When did it become ok for members of congress to disclose information? When did it become ok for them to break the laws that they themselves are elected to write and have sworn an oath to defend? Actions like that are illegal and should be punished.

Senator Reid did this for political expediency for no other reason than the chance to attack Mr. Bolton, yet again. He violated the laws of the United States for political brownie points. When will the American people realize that they have had enough? When will people hold their elected officials accountable to the same laws that they write for us?


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