Vultures Row: Centrifuge to Replace Gunpowder?

Centrifuge to Replace Gunpowder?

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There is a new weapon system being designed promises to revolutionize warfare as we know it. The first side to develop and deploy this is going to rule the battle field until it this system is owned by all.

The system uses a centrifuge to fire either the .308 or .50 caliber projectiles at 8,000 feet per second. There is no propellant, which means ceaseless ammunition, no heat, no recoil, no muzzle flashes and is said to be jam proof with a theoretical firing rate of 120,000 rounds per minute.

This level of sustainable fire power, with no recoil to bounce the weapon off of the target is incredible. I’d not want to be on the receiving end of one of there things. As an acquaintance once said “be careful what you invent as one day you may be on the wrong end of it.”


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