Vultures Row: They Can’t Win at the Polls

They Can’t Win at the Polls

There has been a long held belief that the left can not win on the merits of their beliefs so they make end run plays such as going to the courts to make judicial law and not real legislation thru congress. A couple of examples of this are Abortion, the Death penalty.

Now Democrats and the left are loosing at the polls, they are not getting the seats they need, they are not able to get a clear majority to introduce the legislation they want. They are not able to win votes. This is why the whole filibuster of judicial nominations is going on. The left knows they will loose an up or down vote so they are using the threat of a filibuster to block the vote on the nominations. This prevents any “undesirables” from getting appointed. It clearly violates the Advise and Consent role spelled out in the constitution, but that doesn’t matter to the democrats.

Another example of how they are making end runs is character assignation. A lot of people have been attacking Tom Delay on ethics violations. They feel that because there have been so many violations that Mr. Delay should resign including Members of his own party. It doesn’t mater that Mr. Delay has not been convicted of anything, nor has he been found guilty of a single charge by the official investigating body, it is enough that the constant charges are being leveled.

There are commercials ran by 527 groups that are targeting Mr. Delay for all of the unsubstantiated charges. There are white banners on websites calling for an indictment and all of this over activity that is no worse than things Nancy Pelosi has done, no worse than Chuck Schumer But that is not being reported now is it?

So why should Delay resign? Why are Republicans thinking he should? Because the image of impropriety is damaging so he should leave so we can get back to business. This is wrong, very wrong. If we let the end-run who we send to congress it is only going to further weaken the intended government we are supposed to have. If there is a shadow party, one not elected, but has power to do whatever they want, the power to remove members they disapprove of, we no longer have the representative republic we thought we did.
Delay should not resign, he should fight back, and he should stand up and point out the hypocrisy in the media. All conservatives should stop worrying about hurting the feelings of the left and stand with a firm resolve and protect their core values.

We have far too long acquiesced in the name of civility, only to be attacked again and again for no gain. We must stop loosing ground, stop loosing our values and stand up for them. If we do not stand for something, then we are going to fall for everything.


Where as the majority of us on the right like to debate on the issues the left gives us this:

How is this helpful? How does this promote the left's ideals? All it does is show the hate and contempt they have. They stand for nothing but being against anything right.

4/13/05 1613

this is on the cafepress website now

The "Kill Bush" products have been removed from They were created by individuals across the globe, as are the more than 8 million products available on, a diverse network of more than one million shops.
Hate related materials are in violation of our terms of service and are prohibited from being sold through is an automated service, and as such, products are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that merchandise that is in violation of our terms of service is removed from our site.

Looks like someone got the message that hate is not helpful in a debate.


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