Vultures Row: R.I.P. Mark Allen Ryan

R.I.P. Mark Allen Ryan

Last night I was proctoring exams late when I got a phone call from Vulturette. She knew I was administering tests so her calling was unusual. She told me that CPO Vulture (A.K.A. Dad) had called and wanted me to call ASAP. This is a highly unusual act. I called him and he told me that Rainbow Vulture (My oldest brother) had been found dead in his room in San Francisco. We do not know the circumstances of his passing. We are waiting word from the medical examiners office. All we know is that he was pronounced dead at 2:20 PM (Pacific Time).

I wish that I could say that I am more upset about this news than I am, but Mark had decided to cut us out of his life about 5 years ago. We were not that close. I had only seen him twice in the last eighteen years. He is still my brother and he will be missed, only now there is the knowledge that there is no chance for him to come back to the family. I will pray that he found and accepted God’s gift of grace before he passed.

Mark, rest in peace dude, I hope that you find in the afterlife whatever it was you couldn’t find in life.


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