Vultures Row: Why I hate Lawyers 5 or Exercises in Futility 2

Why I hate Lawyers 5 or Exercises in Futility 2

Both and are carrying this story today. It is hard for us here at Vultures Row to decide where to file this story.

A girl in Kentucky (Visit Kentucky, 7 million people, 7 Last manes!) decided when she was a freshman that she would create and wear her own design for her Sr. Prom. For four years she toiled on her effort. This inspired seamstress/designer decided to make her dress out of sequins…red ones, white ones and blue ones, but that was not the problem. The pattern she decided on, and the heart of the problem was that she arranges them into the confederate flag. Ok, not to bright. She even admits that the dress was controversial. This girl is conducting an exercise in futility.

The school administrators warned her in advance that she would not be able to wear the dress, but she wore it anyway. When she arrived at the school she was met by principle and two uniformed officers and was told she would not be allowed in.

What happened next in this story, is the heart of her LAWSUITE against the school district.

According to her lawsuit, she was met outside by two police officers and Principal Sean Howard. She said the principal intimidated her by striking the vehicle she was in.

And for this blatant attack on her, this trauma she suffered by being denied the RIGHT to attend her prom in the dress of her own making, for slapping her...CAR, she and her lawyer are seeking actual and punitive damages in excess of $50,000. That is right fifty thousand dollars.

I do hope that the school district fights this and does not settle. Lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits like this have one goal: monetary compensation. This suite is no exception. The parties responsible for filing this suite are just wasting their time, the courts time and resources.

And people wonder why I hate Lawyers.


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