Vultures Row: Get over yourselves already.

Get over yourselves already.

I was going to post this on my own blog, but a recent post made by my good friend Vulture 6 – and the subsequent reaction to it - inspired me to post it here.

My name is Darth Apathy, and I am here to offend you. Yes, you – the one sitting at a computer reading this lovely little treatise. I can hear many of you asking “why do you want to offend me?” The answer is so blatantly simple that even a ten year-old deaf, dumb, and blind child with Down’s syndrome who’s been in a coma for the last nine years could figure it out: you need to be offended.

People in this country have become so pussified, so wrapped up in the evil travesty that is “Political Correctness” that they haven’t learned how to deal with things they don’t personally like. Guess what, people, reality sucks, nor is it even particularly fair. The world in general doesn’t give a damn about you or your pathetic and fragile feelings. Come to think of it, neither do I. Get used to it, because it’s not going to change just for little ol’ you.

The post made earlier today by Vulture 6 and the resulting comments are a perfect example of the point I’m making here.

There’s a battle being waged here in this country – a battle between opposing ideologies that, for some reason, likes to find the other to be personally offensive. In one corner, we have the Religious Reich trying to impose their antiquated mythology on the rest of us “unwashed heathens.” In the other corner, we have the Gaystapo, hell-bent on shoving their personal lives down the throats of everyone they come across. Neither of them is willing to accept the existence of the other. In fact, each faction wants to stamp the other out. The Religious Nuts (aka Falwellites) want to run those evil fags out of the country. At the same time, the Gaystapo is unwilling to accept the fact that there are people in this world who don’t like them – for whatever reason – and will do whatever they can to silence those who may disagree with them.

After listening to both factions argue and debate, I have decided that enough is enough. All you whiney little bitches on both sides need to get the fuck over yourselves already. There will always be “Jesus Nazis” just as there will always be “Militant Fags.” No amount of prayer or marching is going to change that. Who gives a flying rat’s ass if you read the Bible, or if you happen to be attracted to someone of the same sex? Go live out your lives and leave the rest of us out of it. No one cares about you. No one cares what you believe.

Free Speech is just that: Free. If you don’t like what someone is saying, IGNORE THEM – change the channel, walk away, or whatever. No one’s forcing you to stay and hear things that upset you. This is the whole point that Vulture 6 was trying to make in his post, but a bunch of self-centered crybabies who haven’t had their diapers changed this year have not learned how to read though an argument of an opposing viewpoint in its entirety before decided to go off half-cocked and decided they need to shout down and suppress that “opposing viewpoint."

Now, assuming you’ve made it this far without getting all pissy and assuming you know anything about me, I’m the agnostic “gay best friend” that Vulture 6 referred to in his earlier post. If you didn’t make it this far, then you are the perfect example of the purpose of this little tirade.


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