Vultures Row: What happened to the Democratic Party?

What happened to the Democratic Party?

Once upon a time the Democratic Party was filled with people of character and integrity. It was filled with men with vision who had a plan to keep our country safe, strong and growing. Leaders such as Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy. Men who will and determination faced crisis and lead the nation. They inspired hope and courage. Today’s Democratic party is made up of Howard Dean, Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Biden and others that seem only to be interested in the power of the offices they hold and not the responsibility that comes with it.

Instead of proposing what they can do right, either for fear that the other side will take their ideas or because they have no vision, the left today bases their power on degrading others. I call this the “Look how bad they are, I’m much better” school of leadership. The constant attacks on conservatives are evidence of this. I followed the last election closely however I can not tell you one policy position of the democrat candidate other than, repeal tax cuts. His proffered plan for the rebuilding of Iraq consisted of the same things that the current administration was doing.

I read this article this morning from the Washington Times:

Dems to continue oversight effort

Washington, DC, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- U.S. Senate Democrats Monday signaled they would continue to try and unofficially oversee the Bush administration.

Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, D-N.D., and Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced several oversight hearings on a range of subjects next hear.
The minority party in Congress argued the Republican leadership has skirted its responsibility for administration oversight as defined in the Constitution.
But the hearings -- eight this year on subjects ranging from the deficit to U.S. contracting in Iraq -- have had little impact beyond political show because they are highly partisan affairs with no subpoena power.

Senators Dorgan and Reid have decided to call for non binding hearings into the administrations policy making process. This hearing will be one that has no authority, no consequences and no power to compel their desired witness come forth and testify. In other words, this investigation is nothing more than a waste of our money. I say our money because it is our taxes that will have to pay for this. I can come to no other conclusion than this is only being done to try to garner support form the extreme angry left, to try and keep the hatred against our president stoked up for the next election cycle.

How is it they are willing to make such an overt political move that can only make them look bad in the long run? What happened to the LEADERS on the left? Have they all been replaced with shills that care nothing for the country as long as they remain in power?

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