Vultures Row: UN Upholds Its Image as a Morally Corrupt Organization

UN Upholds Its Image as a Morally Corrupt Organization

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U.N. Rejects Call for Annan's Resignation
Thursday, December 02, 2004

UNITED NATIONS — United Nations (search) member states voiced support for Secretary-General Kofi Annan (search) after a U.S. senator called for him to resign over possible fraud in Iraq's oil-for-food program. The State Department endorsed a Senate investigation of the troubled program but sidestepped the issue of Annan's future.

Sen. Norm Coleman (search), who is leading one of five U.S. congressional investigations into the U.N. oil-for-food program, wrote in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal that Annan should step down because "the most extensive fraud in the history of the U.N. occurred on his watch."

The Minnesota Republican joined several U.S. newspapers and columnists in urging that Annan be replaced.

State Department spokesman Adam Ereli backed the congressional investigations but sidestepped the issue of Annan's resignation, saying "that is not something, frankly, that is in front of us."

The United Nations has become nothing more than an anti-Semitic, anti-US, corrupt debating society. There is nothing that the UN does that we could not do better and more efficiently. The UN’s purpose was a great Idea but it has become a bureaucracy that accomplishes little more than a parent scolding a child and then letting them forgo punishment. By not enforcing the sanctions they them selves voted for, they sent a clear and concise message that they were irrelevant. To the dictators and thugs in the world the UN is a parent to be brushed off when their advice conflicts with the desires of the child.

The Oil for Food Program is the most serious case of international corruption in the last 100 years. It is estimated that billions of dollars of money intended to feed Iraqi people has gone into the pockets of staff members, businessmen, and political officials. I’m floored that this outrage is not being perused with even a quarter of the zeal as the Enron case, the KBR contracts, the Bush Guard Documents and a host of other stories. The Non-issue of the flu vaccine shortage has received more air time than the fact that this money can not be accounted for.

Even more disturbing than the missing money is the administration of the United Nations stone walling into any investigation. They have refused to allow the outside audit firms that they hired have access to the documents and people involved in the program. Once the firm complained, they were dismissed from service; the audit went to a firm that had employed Annan’s son.

The US Congress has launched investigations into the program which have been stone walled, receiving no cooperation from Annan or his staff. They have sent repeated letters, subpoenas and requests that have all been ignored. The Secretary General is acting like he is above the law. If this situation were in any other context, corporate, political or even educational, the press, and the people would be calling for his resignation. Martha Stewart, Ken Lay and even MCI World Comm all learned that lesson. Why is it we are allowing this group, in which our tax dollars are funding the majority of its operations to act with no more honor that Robert Mugabi of Zimbabwe?

I first became very upset with the UN when they appointed Lybia and the likes to the Human Rights commission. How can some of the worst violators be charged with preventing the same acts? My second disillusionment with them came in the form of they anti-Israel stance they have taken. I’m not Jewish; I will never be Jewish just as I will never be a Muslim. I am a Christian and would rather have to die than to not worship my Lord, however I do think that because Israel has the right to exist. The UN has taken sides in that conflict. The UN should always be neutral, that is that is the Key to it’s success, to act as a disinterested third party to resolve conflicts, not to support one side over the other. If force does become necessary, the proper resolutions should be made, passed and upheld. The threat of force is hollow and useless if there is a perception that it will not be followed up.

I propose that the United States not leave the UN but they should propose a vote of no confidence in Annan. I also propose that the US should put forth a sweeping package of reforms designed to make the UN what is has the potential to be, a fair, unbiased body to try to resolve conflicts and strife the world over. I also propose that we do away with diplomatic immunity for traffic violations. If the UN resists this, our response should not be quitting, we should simply stop funding the UN until it complies, much in the same way the federal government holds funds from Schools, highway departments and state agencies when they do no comply with federal standards.

I want to believe that the UN can be a force for good, but it only will be if we hold it’s members to a higher standard.

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