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Today in the News

Fishing Laws WILL BE ENFORCED!!!

Sherriff Buys machine guned-armed patrol boat.

"It's basically a need to be prepared," said Maj. Dan Smith, commander of special operations for Sheriff Ed Bieluch. "Who knows what we can get hit with."

Smith said his agency selected a Zodiac inflatable boat with a metal hull for easy maneuvering and boarding for divers. The boat comes fully equipped, including two outboard engines.

The 30 foot boat also sports two machineguns of an undisclosed nature. Despite my initial thoughts on the mater, the sheriffs department insist that it is to be used for port security and anti drug operations, not for ensuring size limits on the fish in the bay.

Heiress Squanders Family’s Legacy

No it is not Parris. It’s another no talent offspring of a wealthy family. Lisa Marie is squandering her father’s legacy by selling it off to a marketing firm. With this move we will soon be lucky enough to have Elvis hawking Whopers for Burger King (he is the King after all), Shoes for payless, and thousands of other products. Why to go Lisa you have debased your fathers memory for a few (Ok, quite a few) quick bucks.

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