Vultures Row: CNN Should Change its Logo

CNN Should Change its Logo

CNN should change it's logo from teh White letters CNN to Yellow one.


“Rumsfeld criticized over armor issue

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle Sunday pointed to poor planning to explain what they viewed as the lack of appropriate armor to protect U.S. soldiers in Iraq, with some showing less and less confidence in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Sen. Joe Biden, a Delaware Democrat, repeated his call for Rumsfeld's resignation, while New Jersey Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine joined the calls, saying that "no one has been held accountable" for any of the many things that have gone wrong in the war.”

The above story is carried as the lead item on this morning. I take issue with this piece as it is under a different headline. “Suicide car bomber kills 8 in Baghdad” Again, I think CNN is a shining example of partisan reporting. Never one to miss an opportunity they use a story about a car bombing to slam the administration and the SECDEF.

Another issue I have with this story is that they are all about telling you the death and destruction, about the failures in planning and execution of the war plan. What they are not saying is that the senators on both sides of the isle, the ones calling for an investigation for into the poor planning, are the same ones who consistently fought against funding the troops, fought against more money for armored Hummers. After the fiasco in Mogadishu, the army wanted to armor all hummers. The funding for this upgrade was deleted out of the budget in an effort to reduce the budget to more manageable levels.

One problem facing all militaries the world over throughout history is that they are usually equipped to fight the last war. It is very hard to know the actual environment that troops will be facing before they get there. A battlefield is a very fluid thing, changing moment to moment. Knowing exactly how the enemy will conduct his side of the battle can be impossible to predict. We do our best. We try to cover all the options, but it is impossible to cover them all. Once a patter emerges we can then turn our attention to covering it.

The factories making the armor are working, out of the more than 50,000 hummers only several thousand still lack armor. It is being addressed; a solution has been found and is being implemented. For the politicos, on both sides, to call for investigations into the planning is just grandstanding and nothing more than political maneuvering.

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