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Thank You


Today is Veterans Day. The day was first earmarked to recognize the signing of the armistice that ended World War One. It has become a day to pay tribute to all veterans. As a person who spent ten years on active duty, I k now what sacrifices soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coastguardsmen make every day.

I would like to challenge every one of you to say thank you to any uniformed people you know, see or meet this week. Being in the military is hard, not just during times of war, but also during peace time. It is hard for the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who have a loved one away for months at a time. It’s hard for the lonely sailor on lookout in the cold dead of night in the north Atlantic, who learned his wife just had a baby that he will not see for five more months. It is hard for the airmen working round the clock to make sure the planes that protect our cities are ready to scramble at a moments notice. It is hard for the Soldiers in bunkers along the DMZ in Korea, knowing that their families are home safe and secure. IT is hard for the marine walking the fences in Getmo.

It is a sacrifice that they make every day of the year day in and day out. That makes me admire them most out of any people in the world. They are the heroes doing a job that most would shun. They do it because they love their country; they love the being able to serve. Military people are special breed; they do a job that not everyone could. They do it with pride and they deserve to be respected.

I say thank you to each veteran, service member, and to their families. Thank you to them for putting your life on the line each day for me, thank you for protecting my family, thank you for giving millions of people the world over freedom. Thank you for the sacrifices you make each day. Your service is noted and well appreciated by a humble American living free because of you.

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