Vultures Row: 2 Dead 35 Marines Captured

2 Dead 35 Marines Captured


I take this story with a 5 pound bag of salt considering its source.

If it is true and they did take 35 marines hostage at one time, I might kinda feel sorry for the captors except for the fact that they are TERRORISTS!

Simper Fi!

FALLUJAH, Iraq, Nov. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Mosques in Iraq's restive city of Fallujah announced on Monday that the fighters inside the city have captured 35 US soldiers.

Loud speakers of the mosques blared out the news as US forces were trying to penetrate the rebel-held city, but the news could not be independently confirmed.

US troops and Iraqi special forces stormed into the western districts of Fallujah early Monday and seized the main city hospital and two key bridges over the Euphrates River.

US officials said there may be more fierce fighting to come if US forces try to enter downtown Fallujah on the east bank of the river. Enditem

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