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I know I’m supposed to stick to one topic for a rant, but I can’t. There has been so much going on in politics this week I’m about to explode. My wife, while wonderful and sweet isn’t into it. She is a conservative and knows what to vote for, but she doesn’t listen to it on the radio, the TV and doesn’t get upset when things happen.

John Edwards. If for no other reason I would not vote for Kerry because of Edwards. I do not like trial lawyers. I worked for a firm supporting them with “research” and locating “expert” witnesses. Most of the ones I met, and I met some of the richest in the nation, were all about telling anyone that would listen that it was about the rights of the poor people that were harmed, but then they would sing songs about how fun it was to sue the companies that made the drugs that were intended to help people. Now I’m not defending the drug companies but I don’t think a company is in business to kill it’s consumers, it’s just bad medicine. I do think if the make a drug or product they should step up and take responsibility including paying medical costs and lost wages, but it the punitive damages bit that gets me. Awarding millions and millions to the poor defendants is wrong because the lawyers get 50% of the take PLUS expenses. The “poor” victim walks away with less than half of what the jury gave to them. The jury’s give it because the lawyer tells them the HAVE to punish the companies for their wrong doing. Isn’t that why we have criminal courts? Should we ask Ken Lay and Martha Stewart if they work?

I have heard lawyers turn down cases because they didn’t like the county they were in. There were several hundred poor victims (you remember them right? The ones wrongfully hurt by the drug companies…) here in Harris county Texas that no lawyer would touch because Houston is not seen as Plaintiff Friendly. So if it is about fighting for the victims, the ones in educated towns don’t count? Why do I say that you ask? The majority of Fen-Phen cases were filed in places like Alice, Texas and Durant, MS. Why, because the lawyers wanted poor uneducated jurors. They think that if you go to a poor town that the people are dumb and easy to manipulate. I have heard them talk about this to each other and other consultants.

So what does all of this have to do with John Edwards? I’m glad you asked. He IS (in my opinion) one of the sleazy plaintiffs’ lawyers. If one need proof go to google® and type in John Edwards channels dead girl and read the first few hits. If you want a good synopsis you can read what Ann Coulter had written about it ( on FrontPage. First John Edwards channels a dead infant to tell a jury that the Dr. caused her cerebral paisley and should be punished. Then yester Edwards has the gall to say that “when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk again. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.” ( Geez John, can you at least wait until after the funeral service before you start using his name as a marketing tool?

All of this goes to show that there is no low that is too low for the Kerry/Edwards team. Kerry talks down to the little people, because he is so much better than us, and Edwards talks to us like we are on a jury, and remember what I told you lawyers think about jurors. Neither Kerry nor Edwards have ever run a company in their life. I think we need more business men and women in politics, people who know how to balance the books and get rid of non profitable waste. By profits I mean any service the government provides that doesn’t provide a return of some kind, be it educational, financial or physical.

Next is the Sinclair Broadcasting Corp “Quagmire”

I just used Quagmire because it’s the in word. I respect them for broadcasting what they think the public wants to see. I do see it as a partisan act. I do not think it is wrong. What is wrong with being partisan? I support the Republican Party because they profess values that are closer to mine. I don’t agree with everything that Bush has done or said, I’m against the spending he is doing, I don’t think he is being hard enough on the terrorists or rouge nations. But he is a better choice that what the other side is offering.
Drudge Posted:
“Kerry Senior Advisor Chad Clanton to SINCLAIR Broadcasting: 'They better hope we don't win' [said on FOX NEWS DAYSIDE]...”, yesterday. Did he actually mean to say out loud, in public that he would use the power of the government to punish a media outlet for reporting? While I do not find this below the democrats it does shock me to see it said in public. My chief issue with this is that if a Bush staffer had said it I’m pretty sure he would be fired… er, left the campaign for personal reasons, before the end of the day. Kerry says nothing. He lets people like this surround him and says nothing when they make bone headed comments that would have Trent Lott or Rick Santorum run out of town.

Is it right for Sinclair to broadcast this movie and call it news? I’m not sure about that. But it is a business and they do have the right to broadcast what the wish as long as it is within the decency standards that the FCC has defined. If people don’t like it the do not have to watch. There are other channels. This is typical liberal dogma though. The cry censorship (when no one is censoring, the market is reacting) when “the chill wind is blowing” of people decide not to see movies or go to concerts because of bone headed comments made by a performer. Michael Moore can MAKE STUFF UP and call it a documentary, his styles are less subtle then Gobels were and they say nothing. Sinclair wants to broadcast 40 minutes questioning the war record of a man that made that very record the heart of his early campaign AND give him ample time to respond to any and all claims, Something the senator has failed to do for the last 30 years. Sinclair is not violating any laws, they are reporting information they believe is true and factual, something that other news outlets have just done.

All I can say as long as we have brave members in the media and in the blogosphere we can count on getting two sides of the story


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