Vultures Row: NK's put talks on hold until after election

NK's put talks on hold until after election


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Is this is more of what we can expect from JFK 2? The North Koreans have declared that they decided to put arms control on hold until after the US election. They want to hold face to face talks with the US and not include China, Japan and other nations in the region.

Mr. International has stated that the US must deal one on one with North Korea to broker a deal. Forgetting for a moment that this has been tried and failed already, what happened to Mr. Kerry’s global test? What happened to we have to work through the United Nations to achieve any form of success in foreign policy John?

North Korea has show time and again that they are not willing to do what is right, they are just trying to pressure America into giving them more money and more fuel to power their military while their people go hungry.
North Korea is preparing to test a new missile in violation of their own self imposed moratorium on that very test.

North Korea can not be trusted. They want another treaty with the United States one that lets them claim they won’t build missiles and nuke weapons while they really do, one that gives them all they want and only a photo op to the US administration. They got this sweetheart deal once and they want to get it again, but the Bush Administration is no giving in. The problem with Bush is that he means what he says and stands on principle. Even as we speak two Aegis equipped cruisers or destroyers are in the Sea of Japan, putting forth an American presence and they are able to respond to a missile launch. President Bush understands the role of the navy in power projection and is using it effectively. The NK’s wont talk to him anymore. They are hoping for a more sympathetic ear in JFK (The low-budget sequel, not the real man) and if they get it I fear for the people in North AND South Korea.

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