Vultures Row: Another Reason Why I hate Lawyers

Another Reason Why I hate Lawyers


CNN is running the headline; “Lawyer: Consensual sex is not child porn

The story is about a 31 year old male teacher who commenced a relationship with a seventeen year old girl, and videotaped themselves having consensual sex. His lawyers are arguing that in the state of Nebraska the age of consent is 16, so there for he could not have been convicted of child pornography because she consented.

What the lawyer is failing to look at here is that the girl is underage and he is a teacher. The story doesn’t indicate wither he was her teacher or not. He was a teacher and she was a student, he held some power of influence over her. It is wrong for adults to be in any kind of relationship with someone underage, much less a sexual relationship.

The girl is 17, and under the law any pornography involving persons under the age of 18 is classified as child pornography and is illegal. It doesn’t matter if the pornography is professionally made or as in this case, an amateur video. The man made a video tape of an underage girl having sex. No matter if she was his girlfriend and if she wanted to do it, she is under age to be on any form of media (digital, tape or any other). So this lawyer’s appeal for over turning the child pornography conviction is baseless.

I should conclude that I do not hate all lawyers, just the sleazy ones. If you are a lawyer and NOT a sleazy one, I do not hate you.

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