Vultures Row: Been a While

Been a While

Yes, it has been a while.  I have been busy with life the last few…ummm years.  The bad news.  Vulturette lost her job and has had a very tough time finding a new full time job.  She has been working contract positions and odd jobs here and there.  We lost the house.  Vulture Whelp #3 dropped out of high school, but got his GED and joined the army.  He is 3/4 of the way through his first tour in Afghanistan.   Vulture Whelp #5 is in high school.  # 4 is doing very well and is on track to graduate next year.  #2 is in college in a pre-med program.  #1 is working several jobs but is getting ready to go on active duty for several months of training before he ships out to Afghanistan.    I have past two required state exams and I am getting closer to being a certified teacher.  I hope that with all that is going on I will be able to actually blog again and keep regular updates going.

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