Vultures Row: Global Warming Update

Global Warming Update

Global warming is a real issue that is feared by many, so with that in mind I intend to occasionally post some information on the subject.

Today's item comes from KTVB in Idaho.

Brundage Mountain Extends Ski Season into May

Near-record snowfall and low spring temperatures are creating ideal conditions at Brundage Mountain Resort. Resort officials announced today that they will be open for a third bonus weekend in May.

The resort is currently closed on weekdays, and had planned this Saturday and Sunday to be the final ski weekend of the season, but that was before 10 inches of fresh powder fell this week. Now, resort managers have decided to be open on May 3rd and 4th.

"Mother Nature has been extremely kind to us this year," said resort spokesperson April Russell. "And our loyal visitors have shown that they are still interested in skiing and riding on the best snow in Idaho."

Resort operators are keeping a close watch on Mother Nature and customer interest to decide if additional weekends in May are possible.

This is the first time Brundage Mountain has ever offered lift service in the month of May.

Brundage Mountain has received 422 inches of snowfall this season. That makes this the second snowiest winter on record.

The ski resort got 422 inches in one season! I can see why driving an SUV is bad, I can see why having light bulbs that light up as soon as I turn them on is harmful. I'm ashamed that I didn't switch over to florescent bulbs with their toxic mercury, I'm sorry I have not been doing my part by buying expensive bulky reusable grocery bags (although, with a new Puppy, I am reusing the plastic grocery bags) and I am embarrassed to say I have not purchased one singe carbon offset. I know my insensitive selfish nature has really hurt the poor ski resort owners. Had I acted sooner maybe global warming would not have ruin their season and they could have made enough money to feed their hungry kids. I really need to re-evaluate my habits and lifestyle and become "green".



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