Vultures Row: Fred in SC, On Fire Or a Flare Up?

Fred in SC, On Fire Or a Flare Up?

I'm a Fred guy. I'll vote for him in the Primary here in Texas. I'll vote for him if he makes it to the show. I was please with both his performance on Hannity's radio show yesterday and at the debate. He was outspoken yet polite. I liked that you could actually see and hear the passion in him. My only concern is that it is not going to last. Fred needs to go out hit the streets and keep at it. I don't know if he can. The criticism that he is lazy has taken hold, he has to fight it. I think some of that is from the MSM as I believe they think he is a real conservative and that he could lead. If he would stay on message and no slow down, he could be the real come back (geriatric) kid. I hope his performance is the start of him really campaigning and not his swan song.


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