Vultures Row: Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

I like Fox news for their coverage of politics and new, but I dislike their tendency to bitch about the degradation of society by running clips from girls gone wild ever four minutes. Lets face it Fox puts a lot of fluff and eye candy on the air. Now it's bleeding over to I check several news sites first thing in the morning, Drudge, CNN and Fox News.

Drudge's Big story today was Mit Romney's win in Michigan.

CNN also leads with Romney and Michigan

Fox leads with Splitsville for Spidey.

That's right. Out of all the stories in the world today the fact that a comic book character is getting a divorce is the lead item on a major news site.

Spiderman and Mary Jane are throwing in the towel. Great. Never mind that China has an unfair trade imbalance with us and is creating a deep-water navy to take on our own. Never mind that Iran is plans to make nukes. Never mind that Pakistan is dissolving into chaos. Never mind that anyone including terrorists can just walk across our borders, North and South alike. What matters is that a COMIC BOOK CHARACTER is getting a divorce.

I mean there are really important things going on right now! Hell American Idol kicked off last night for Christ's Sake!!!

We are so doomed because we, as a nation, are simple sheep.


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