Vultures Row: Oh Hugo, Don’t you Know…

Oh Hugo, Don’t you Know…

…what an Idiot you sound like?

Ole Hugo is now asking the his "Justice" department's state persecutor prosecutor to launch an investigation in order to see if charges can be brought against CNN for instigation of murder in Venezuela, the murder victim; Hugo himself. Why is the dictator president of a country accusing a network of murder? He is because CNN goofed on a graphic. It showed the caption "who killed him?" for a story on the tragic death of football player, Sean Taylor. The image was up for a few seconds and the reporter was reading the Taylor story.

Mr. Chavez insists that it is "…undoubtedly is part of the psychological warfare." He is sounding more and more paranoid every day. He recently claimed a sniper had him in his cross hairs at a political rally. Must have not been a very good sniper if his target was in the sights, but didn't take the shot.

I think I have to agree with the King of Spain here.


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