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Ship Drawings

A board I sometimes post on inspired me to do these.

Charles F. Adams class, Modified with new electronics. ASROC was removed and replaced with 24 Harpoons. Not the best solution as the Harpoon is pretty much an indiscriminate weapon meaning once fired it looks for a fat target with out thought as to what the target really is. The Harpoon was designed when it really didn’t matter which one of the Soviet beasties it hit as long as it one of them. The Aft missile launcher has also been removed. Two RAM missile launchers have been provided for basic AAW defense. A 20mm gun on the fantail is for small boats are a few .50 Cal. The last modification was the removal of some topside weight.

Oliver Hazard Knox.
This is design is a definite Never-to-be. What I did was take the hanger and helo deck of an Oliver Hazard Perry class slapped it onto the back of a Knox. I’d replace the boilers with the GT system of the Fig7 for better economy and automation. I also replaced the ASROC with a Mk13 launcher, which is no longer in service. Not suited for the USN but it’s perfect for a lower budget Navy in my Alt History setting.


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