Vultures Row: Real Erosion of Freedom

Real Erosion of Freedom

A real erosion of freedom is happening. Not a perceived erosion such as the government looking at why a terrorist is dialing a particular phone number or why someone has been downloading bomb making information off of the net, but a real erosion of freedom.

In a further erosion of the right to own property, the very thing that has defined democracy and freedom, Hugo Chavez has stated that his government respects private property, but pledged to replace capitalist ideas with socialist principles.

Did you get that? The idea… the principle of Capitalism will be replaced with socialism. If you are a citizen, of Venezuela your ideas, your thoughts and principles have just been mandated by the government. If you support the free market, you have to replace your beliefs with that of the state. Yeah Communism is a wonderful thing that makes all people equal. It does that by tearing down productivity, drive and desire and replaces it with a government run nanny state where every one gets their needs (not desires) met by the party. Sounds like fun to me.

Under Chavez’s plan the government will confiscate more property from land owners to redistribute it to the poor in order to make the nation more self sufficient in its agricultural industry. Indeed, Chavez has taken more than 4.6 million acres in the last five years, to help feed the poor.

Critics say reform has failed to revive Venezuela's agriculture industry, which does not produce enough food to satisfy domestic demand. The government has been forced to import food amid shortages of staples such as meats, milk and sugar.

"If Mr. Chavez really wants to help Venezuela's poor farmers, he must offer them technical assistance and sufficient financing because land doesn't become productive without investment," said opposition leader Alfonzo Marquina. "We're only seeing increasing shortages and more expensive products."

Communism has unsuccessful each and every time it has been tried, a lesson of history Mr. Chavez has failed to learn.


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