Vultures Row: Iran Fires Missiles, World Media Panics

Iran Fires Missiles, World Media Panics

So I ran fired some missiles with a range of one hundred miles, big deal. While this does give a 25% increase in range, the accuracy of these missiles is still unknown. Iran has a right to defend its self and therefore they have the right to conduct military exercises. The regime in Tehran has the right to operations within their own borders and waters.

Iran should make no mistake and believe that these missiles intimate the United States. The US is dedicated to our allies in the Gulf, in which we have a right to operate, just as they do.

Iran is on a dangerous course. They simply want conflict. The media is having orgasms over the launch, almost as much as they are over trying to get people to believe in the zero humor joke theory. Instead of worrying about 100 mile ranged missiles, the press should be a little more worried about the Iranians ability to produce weapons grade plutonium and their president’s STATED goal of annihilating the nation (meaning all of the people who are of the Jewish faith) of Israel.


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