Vultures Row: October Surprise

October Surprise

Wow, just when you think politics can’t get any worse. We find out that the Folly/Underage scandal is well…not an underage issue, but the page in question is the same age as Lewinski was and that the e-mails were passes on by the FBI. Folly should have been forced to quit, no doubt about that.

The left SHOUTING out about Haster should be fired because he knew about the e-mails and didn’t do anything is another blatant example of the Media Bias to the left. Was it not “just sex” with Clinton? Wasn’t it the left that told us that what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom?

The Left KNEW about this scandal and sat on it until it was within 30 days of the election. How is that less offensive than the speaker not moving on it? If there is really indignation over this, shouldn’t they have acted on it when they learned of it? Why did they sit on it?

Even the “blog” the broke the story seems to have been set up for one purpose, Torpedoing Foley. Again, Foley should go, there should be no letting it go away quietly, The stage with cut and paste posts then nothing for months, then all of a sudden there were posts the “e-mails” forwarded to the blogger that look much more like fax copies than printouts of e-mails. Even Wonkette had dismissed them as fakes. No that the story has broke, the blogger declines interviews and even deleted his comments so there is no interaction, no way to verify any of his claims. If he was really posting to protect “The Children” why is he all of a sudden no longer interested in fighting the good fight?

Something is rotten here, besides Foley, something stinks and it is further proof that politics is the biggest threat to America than anything else. As a wise man said; “A House Divided…”


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