Vultures Row: Alec Baldwin to the Rescue!

Alec Baldwin to the Rescue!

In the chaos after the plane crash in NYC yesterday one bold figure stepped up. Alec Baldwin tried to talk his way past the perimeter set up by the New York Police Department. Our first reaction was what the hell, who does he think he is?

However, upon further reflection (while on the throne) it makes perfect sense.

Alec Baldwin is an expert in disaster management. How else could one explain his career? How else could he still be relevant? Alec has survived disasters such as his marriage, his “I’ll move to France” comment, his “Stone him and his children to death” comment and as a host of the weekly calamity known as Saturday Night Live.

Further evidence of his ability to handle tragedy can be seen in his survival after being on Will and Grace long after it stopped being “funny” and he is currently heavily involved in something called 30 Rock, and who can forget him in Pluto Nash?

Yes, Alec Baldwin should have been allowed through the police barricade, he should have been able to go to the crash site and pick through the derbies and have the responders make way for him. He would not have been in the way, he would have been able to tell them how to do their jobs.


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