Vultures Row: China Attacks US

China Attacks US

China has been attacking American satellites for some time now. The attacks use a high powered laser to dazzle the lenses of Key Hole and other photo recon satellites. The attacks do not destroy the space cameras but do prevent them from working properly. China now has the ability to shield from the world what they are doing in their shipyards and missile factories. They can prevent America from seeing a transfer of troops to the Formosa straight.

China can move ships, men, tanks, missiles and other military hardware into position to invade Taiwan and the only way we would know is from aircraft in the area. However those aircraft can be forced to land as in the case of a US Navy EP-3 a few years ago. Taiwan is a country with a freely elected government that we have vowed to defend.

China has made it clear that they consider Taiwan a rouge province, much as America considered the south in the American Civil War. They have clearly stated that it will be reunited with China, even if it means force. China has been building a blue-water navy. Where they once had no amphibious ability, they now are ranked second or third. China has been conducting espionage against many of the firms contracted to build the next US Navy Destroyer.

The attacks have been unreported to the American public because the current administration has decided that they need China’s help in dealing with North Korea. Upsetting China now, would make it more difficult for us to deal with the spoiled brat running that impoverished nation but we should not let our compliancy allow them to build up and develop was to degrade our equipment. We are ignoring the un-named superpower so we can focus on the war on terror. Let us hope this does not come back to bite us in the ass. Those who fail to study history…



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