Vultures Row: Bin Lauden in the News

Bin Lauden in the News

It seems Has-Bin Lauden is in the news a lot the past couple of days.

France thinks he may have kicked the bucket, but the reports can not be confirmed. The US has simply stated it is investigating,

Also Benny boy has been a thorn in the side of Big Bill Clinton who is PISSED in a big way that some people in American seem to actually study history and remember that he dropped the ball. But hey, as he says “I tried, at least I tried to get him in the eight years I was there, unlike others who had eight entire months to get him and didn’t.” For more of the tantrum you cna watch him on Fox News Sunday.

Bill. SHUT THE HELL UP. You had your shot. Your Presidential Legacy is that you established that oral sex is in fact not sex. That and new uses for cigars. You had a shot at a legacy, you blew it. You can not rewrite history.


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