Vultures Row: Has He Lost It?

Has He Lost It?

Has Representative Murtha, the un-indicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM scandal, lost his sanity? Has his new “power” in the American Communist Party Liberal Party Democrat Party His position of Pit Bull of the Hate America Crowd gone to his head and is that why he is saying stupid things like:

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran.

America is more dangerous than North Korea or Iran. Iran, you know, the friendly country that is pulling all stops to build a nuclear weapon. Iran the Peaceful nation led by the man who stated that Israel WILL BE wiped off the face of the map. They are more dangerous than America. OK.

He also offers us these tidbits:

...the war cannot be won…We do not want permanent bases in Iraq, We want as many Americans out of there as possible…U.S. efforts to win over Iraqis were tarnished when it was revealed that U.S. military personnel had abused and humiliated people held at Abu Ghraib, a prison outside Baghdad.

Excuse me? So some fat chick makes fun of someone and that is worse that them cutting people heads off? Do Murtha and the rest of the left know how absolutely stupid they sound in mitigating REAL torture just so they can score political points?

If we cut and run, Iraq will become a haven for terrorists. The whole country will become worse than Afghanistan was under the Taliban. Once we do cut and run, does Mr. Murtha think they will be content with that? Does anyone really naively believe that the Islamic fascists will stop there?

The left loves to compare Iraq to Viet Nam, in there world view all wars are Viet Nam, so if we run away it Iraq will, like Viet Nam, will become an insignificant little country over there and nothing to worry about. However, Ira is not Viet Nam, it is a totally different situation. The terrorists are not defending their country. They chose to travel to Iraq to fight America, to Kill Americans. They will not stop with Iraq. They are fighting a holy war against anyone who is not Muslim. They will continue to attack us, they will continue to plan and kill people guilty of nothing but going about their lives.

The Terrorists world view is that America is weak, therefore they do not respect us. If we run away it will serve one purpose, to embolden them to kill as many more of us as possible.

Perhaps he has not lost his sanity however, we believe Mr. Murtha’s Hate of America and lust for power has caused him to become a bit unhinged in his views.


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