Vultures Row: Fair Wind and Following Seas

Fair Wind and Following Seas

Today is a sad day for many a sailor. The ex-USS ORISKANY (CV/CVA/CV-34) will be scuttled off the coast of Florida. Once the charges in her hull detonate, thousands of gallons of sea water will rush into her and cause her to settle on her keel to become one of, if not the largest planned artificial reef in the world. It is sad to see a noble ship sunk on purpose, however at least she will serve one last time, and not be broken up for scrap.

ORISKANY was the last of the ESSEX class to be completed and the last to serve in combat. The Mighty O missed WWII when she was laid down, her construction was stopped at about 85% complete in 1946 and was torn down to about 60% and rebuilt to a new plan. She served in the Korean War and in Viet Nam, her planes striking targets inland and providing MiG-CAP. She was also the first flight deck to operate E-2 Hawkeye airborne radar planes.

In an era where all branches of the military is having to do more with less, it is sad that we loose an historical ship like CV-34, which was built when the mindset was one of quality and quantity.

ORISKANY received two battle stars for Korean Service and five for Vietnamese service.

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