Vultures Row: Baseball Game Breaks out at a Fight

Baseball Game Breaks out at a Fight

Houston is a town that is known for a few things. Mission Control is located at Johnson Space Center. We are home to the first dome stadium in the world. We host the largest live stock show and rodeo. You can find some damn fine barbeque here. We have a grand prix race, a professional football team, major league soccer team, both NBA and WNBA teams, minor league hockey. I am also proud that Houston is known for its hospitality. We have always gone out of our way to make people feel at home. Houston opened its arms and wallets to the people devastated by last year’s hurricanes. It felt good to be known as the welcoming city.

I took the lil vultures to see an Astros game last night. The match up pitted our hometown heroes against the San Francisco Giants, and of course Barry Bonds. Now think what you will of the steroid issue and whither he should or should not be allowed to keep all of his home runs, but last night the Houston fans were not the hospitable Houstonians that we have come to know and love.

Every time Bonds came up to bat, I have never heard such booing, such vulgarity and seen such a display of poor sportsmanship. I was embarrassed and I was sorry my kids witnessed it. When all is said and done people should remember that it is just a game. I was proud of my youngest boy when he looked up and said “It’s just a game, why should someone have to fight over it?”

Mr. Bonds has to answer for his actions, and I respect peoples rights to boo and heckle him, but to actually break out in a fist fight over it is just pathetic.


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