Vultures Row: Fake Obituary to Get out of Work

Fake Obituary to Get out of Work

What a novel and unique way to get out of work for a few days. If you’re tired and need just a couple of extra days off just call your boss and cry, tell him or her that your teenage son just died. If they ask for proof, just fill out an obituary form at your local news paper. The Obit will run in a few days a look official as heck.

It’s that easy!

Well, except, of course, if said dead son decides to venture out into the world for frivolous things like school or maybe even go out to eat at a restraint, then some one may see the supposed dead teen.

Take heed, because this could and indeed did happen.

Waterloo police arrested two people accused of filing a fake obituary with a newspaper.

Authorities said James Snyder and Mary Jo Jensen filed an obituary with the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier in December, saying Jensen's 17-tear-old son had died after a lengthy illness.

Police said they did it so they could get off work for a few days.
Officials said that later in the week, people who know the family saw the teenager at restaurant and called authorities.

Synder is charged with tampering with records. Jensen is charged with being an accessory after the fact.

May be the obituary should have been for the passing of common sense.


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